Saturday, May 3, 2014


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Huichol People Introduction-
History and Religion of the Huichol People-
Homeland of the Huichol People-
Huichol Cosmos-
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The book I found that had a ton of information about the Huichol people was called People of the Peyote written by: Stacy Schaefer. I would write it out in MLA format but I had to return it and forgot about that format. I found it on the internet at this website.

Music of the Huichol

Music is a huge part of the Huichol culture. Their music influences and linked to their everyday lives. The Huichol people make their own instruments out of the materials they have. Most Huichol musicians play the guitar. They hand craft and custom make every guitar they have. Some of the better musicians have actually made it bigger than just a tribal musician. Music is traditionally used for all sorts of religious purposes, such as playing during stories being told and before being sent on the traditional peyote hunt.

Because the Huichol culture is starting to be forgotten about, some groups of the Huichol musicians are starting to play concerts, to spread and help people learn about the forgotten group. Some of these groups have actually become so praised for their music, that they are actually being put on tours all around Mexico. The Huichol people hope that this showing of their traditional music will help mainstream people become interested in the culture.

Here are some links to watch different types of Huichol music:

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Cultural Survival of the Huichol People

Cultural Survival is starting to become an issue for the Huichol people. They can no longer rely on their nutrition deprived land to sustain them. The land that they live on is private or government-owned land. They are lucky with this because otherwise the land would be open for any outside programs such as deforestation organizations that would cut down the trees to make paper and other used goods. The mainstream living style tends to make the Huichols feel alienated, and they are made to feel inferior and treated as such. Many Huichols believe they have angered the gods because they are being treated like this, which leads to them suffering from feelings of illness, alcoholism, and destruction of the family unit. The Huichols are suffering from the destruction of land and their pride.

The Huichols are now starting to work together with local authorities, which is helping to create a defense for their land and traditions. On November 25 1980 a non-profit organization called the Foundation for the Preservation of Traditional Sacred Art of the Huichol was founded. Its active members are representatives from different tribes. The association is working to insure the protection of the huichol from outside problems. This organization will also have exhibition and sales of Huichol fine art and will bring attention of government officials and other institutes within Mexico that are also working for cultural survival. Any income made from the selling of art goes solely to reforestation programs. This will extremely help with keeping land for the Huichol to live on. Everyone in this organization is very excited about helping to keep this group around for years to come. With the help of organizations and the Mexican Government, the Huichols have a chance to keep their culture around and survive the new mainstream way of living.

A plane dropping supplies off for the Huichol people